Renovation construction on the red brick Tokyo Station Building was completed in October 2012. The station building has been restored to its original state from when it was first constructed.
We introduce spots where you can enjoy good views of the beautiful red brick station building and its domed roof, and restaurants where you can enjoy great food and drinks while gazing at the station building!
Have fun in Marunouchi while visiting these great view spots.

First, visit the Marunouchi Building! Take a photo with the panoramic view of the station building.

Marunouchi Building 5F TerraceThe perfect spot for looking out over the station building and plaza in front! On the right is the new KITTE building, built on the site of the former Tokyo Central Post Office.
Opening hours11:00~20:00(Sun, National holiday 11:00-19:00)※ The terrace may close due to rain, strong wind, or other reasons.

Shop at the Marunouchi Building ♪

The best seats are by the window! Enjoy a cup of tea or a nice meal with a great view of the station building.

Shop at the Shin-Marunouchi Building ♪
Shop at the Shin-Marunouchi Building ♪

Last, stop by the Shin-Marunouchi Building terrace. Make a toast to the red brick station building in the sunset!

Shin-Marunouchi Building 7F Marunouchi HOUSEA lush, green terrace with an open atmosphere.
Treat yourself to gorgeous views of Tokyo Station while enjoying the city breeze.

Enjoy takeout meals from any of the restaurants in the Marunouchi HOUSE on the terrace!

※Please refrain from bringing food and drinks onto the terrace except those purchased at one of the Marunouchi HOUSE 7F eating establishments.

Opening hours11:00~23:00 ※The terrace may close due to rain, strong wind, or other reasons.
※The Tokyo Station Building is lit up everyday from sunset to 9:00 p.m.


Restaurants where you can dine with a view of the red brick Tokyo Station Building

※The station building may not be visible from all seats. Please contact the restaurants for details.

Marunouchi Building

  • CAFE LEXCEL[Cafe] 4F
    【Recommended seating】
    Almost all seats
    Seat reservations : not available
  • Casablanca Silk
  • Casablanca Silk[Vietnamese-French cuisine] 5F
    【Recommended seating】
    Private rooms (for 6-8 people), window tables (for 4 people), window counter tables (for 2 people)
    Seat reservations : available
    ※For lunchtime or private rooms, course meals only
  • ISOLA SMERALDA[Italian cuisine] 5F
    【Recommended seating】
    Window table seating indoors in the back
    Seat reservations : available
    ※For weekday lunchtime, course meals only
  • CITA-CITA[International Asian cuisine] 5F
    【Recommended seating】
    Table seating (for 4 people, space for 40 people maximum)
    Seat reservations : available
  • TSUBAKIYA[Cafe] 5F
    【Recommended seating】
    Table seating (for 4 people x 4, for 2 people x 11)
    Seat reservations : not available
  • KOIWAI Freminar
  • KOIWAI Freminar[Western-style cuisine] 5F
    【Recommended seating】
    Window table seating (for 2-3 people x 2)
    Seat reservations : available
    ※Course meals only
  • AOYUZU TORA[Japanese / seafood] 6F
    【Recommended seating】
    Window table seating (for 4 people x 3), Private rooms (for 4 people x 1)
    Seat reservations : available
    ※For lunchtime, private rooms only (must arrive before 11:50 a.m.)
    ※For dinnertime, reservations are accepted for all seating (Course meals only for private rooms)
  • Kamakura Issa-an Maruyama
  • Kamakura Issa-an Maruyama[Japanese / soba] 6F
    【Recommended seating】
    Traditional Japanese-style floor seating by the window (for 4 people x 2, for 2 people x 1) 、
    Table seating (for 2 people x 1)
    Seat reservations : available
  • Shonan Umimaru
  • Shonan Umimaru[Japanese / oden and udon] 6F
    【Recommended seating】
    Window seat in the back (4 people x 4)
    Seat reservations : available
    ※For over 3 people
  • TOKYO IMAIYA[Japanese / yakitori] 6F
    【Recommended seating】
    Table seating (for 4 people x 4, for 12 people x 1)
    Seat reservations : available
  • Hakata Ramen Akanoren
  • Hakata Ramen Akanoren[Japanese / ramen] 6F
    【Recommended seating】
    Window table seating in the back (for 4 people, for 2 people)
    Seat reservations : available
    ※On weekdays, only 1:00 p.m.~8:00 p.m.
Marunouchi Building Restaurant List

Shin-Marunouchi Building

  • MAISON BARSAC[French Dining Bar] 5F
    【Recommended seating】
    Window table seating (for 2-4 people x 3, for 2-3 people x 3)
    Seat reservations : available
  • STAND T[Gourmet food and fine beer] 1F
    【Recommended seating】
    Terrace seating, window table seating
    Seat reservations : available
    ※Only for parties arriving before 7 p.m. ordering meals. Lunchtime excluded.
  • Vin Rouge Vin Blanc
  • Vin Rouge Vin Blanc[European cuisine and wine] 5F
    【Recommended seating】
    Window seating (wall-to-wall glass)
    Seat reservations : available
    ※Lunchtime excluded
  • Kushi-age Hantei
  • Kushi-age Hantei[Japanese / kushiage] 5F
    【Recommended seating】
    Window table seating
    Seat reservations : available
  • Teppan Yaki Ten Honmaru
  • Teppan Yaki Ten Honmaru[Japanese / teppanyaki ] 5F
    【Recommended seating】
    Window-side bench seating (for 4 people x 4)
    Seat reservations : available
  • SIAM HERITAGE TOKYO[Traditional Thai cuisine] 6F
    【Recommended seating】
    Private room (for 4 people),Window seating (for 4 people x 4, for 2 people x 4)
    Seat reservations : available
    ※For lunchtime, only for parties arriving between 11:00 ~ 11:30 a.m.
  • Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant
  • Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant[Chinese cuisine] 6F
    【Recommended seating】
    Private rooms (for 6 people), window seating
    Seat reservations : available

※Reservations may be refused depending on circumstances. We appreciate your understanding.
※Includes photographs of Tokyo Station before and during renovation. We appreciate your understanding.

Shin-Marunouchi Building Restaurant List