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  • allureville

    Women's Fashions/Shoes/Bags/Jewelry/Other Accessories allureville TEL 03-6268-0990 *9/20(THU) OPEN!
    A boutique for the sophisticated, playful woman
  • A day WACOAL The Store

    Women's Fashions/Other Fashions A day WACOAL The Store TEL 03-5220-2278 Choose your underwear. Feel great.

    Books,Stationary/Drugstores/Cosmetic/Prescription AMERICAN PHARMACY TEL 03-5220-7716 A pioneering Japanese drugstore established in 1950.
  • Whim Gazette MARUNOUCHI

    Women's Fashions/Shoes/Bags/Jewelry Whim Gazette MARUNOUCHI TEL 03-6269-0121 A select shop for working women in their 30s
  • Big Mama

    Other Facilities Big Mama TEL 03-3211-8704 Feel free to ask us about repairing clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories.
  • shiro

    Cosmetic shiro TEL 03-6551-2646 Cosmetics brand featuring products made from simple and natural ingredients
  • Digital station Marunouchi

    Other Business Support Service/Other Facilities Digital station Marunouchi TEL 03-3201-1021 We assist you in all your needs, from personal to business.
  • NATURAL LAWSON Marunouchi Bldg.

    Shop/Varieties/Convenience Stores NATURAL LAWSON Marunouchi Bldg. TEL 03-3284-3963 Bringing health, beauty, and comfort closer. Because the products we use every day are important.

    Interior Goods/Flowers,Plant/Other Beauty & Relaxation HANAKEI TEL 03-3211-8751 The traditional flower shop, Hanakei offers new flower decorations with a modern flair.
  • PALETTE PLAZA Marunouchi Bldg.

    Camera,DPE PALETTE PLAZA Marunouchi Bldg. TEL 03-5220-4555 "PHOTO & MORE Enjoy photos, create happiness."
  • Melvita Marubiru

    Cosmetic Melvita Marubiru TEL 03-6259-1720 *8/23(THU) OPEN!
    An organic cosmetic brand from France made with carefully selected plant-based ingredients
  • Maker's Shirt KAMAKURA

    Men's Fashions/Women's Fashions/Jewelry/Other Accessories Maker's Shirt KAMAKURA TEL 03-5220-3718 A specialty shop selling high-quality, sophisticated men's and women's British-style shirts.



    Bags/Jewelry/Watches,Clocks/Other Accessories H. P. FRANCE BIJOUX TEL 03-3240-5791 A special jewelry store from H.P. FRANCE.

    Women's Fashions/Shoes/Bags/Jewelry/Other Accessories DES PRES MARUNOUCHI TEL 03-5220-4485 Offering a mixture of the chic minds of Paris in various styles.

    Men's Fashions/Women's Fashions/Shoes/Bags/Jewelry/Watches,Clocks/Other Accessories BEAMS HOUSE TEL 03-5220-8686 A high-quality and relaxing environment.
  • MUSE de Deuxieme Classe MARUNOUCHI

    Women's Fashions/Shoes/Bags/Jewelry/Watches,Clocks/Optical MUSE de Deuxieme Classe MARUNOUCHI TEL 03-5220-2121 Enjoy casual fashion based on traditional styles

    Shop/Cosmetic L'OCCITANE TEL 03-3286-3550 A cosmetic brand offering the lifestyle of Provence.



    Women's Fashions/Other Accessories MICA&DEAL TEL 03-6259-1566 *9/13(THU) OPEN!
    Effortless, comfortable, unobtrusive new basic that brings you the "now"
  • aquagirl

    Women's Fashions/Shoes/Bags/Jewelry/Optical/Other Accessories aquagirl TEL 03-5220-7079 Offering feminine modes for any trend.

    Shoes/Bags/Jewelry/Watches,Clocks/Other Accessories IL BISONTE TEL 03-6212-0090 A handmade leather brand from Florence, Italy.
  • Chaos

    Women's Fashions Chaos TEL 03-6259-1394 *9/13(THU) OPEN!
    A shop for the independent minded woman

    Women's Fashions GALLARDA GALANTE TEL 03-5220-7048 Timeless styles for any season that are high quality and free-spirited.

    Men's Fashions/Women's Fashions/Shoes/Bags/Other Accessories BEAUTY&YOUTH UNITED ARROWS MARUNOUCHI TEL 03-6212-1500 Multi-brand shop built around the concept of spiritual beauty and eternal youth


  • Archimedes Spiral MARUNOUCHI

    Watches,Clocks Archimedes Spiral MARUNOUCHI TEL 03-3240-0010 A shop specializing in watches ranging from antique to the latest models.
  • &Collection

    Interior &Collection TEL 03-6273-4550 Enjoy art in your daily life in the same way you change outfits
  • Octa Hotel

    Interior Goods Octa Hotel TEL 03-6268-0220 Multi-brand shop from Fukuoka featuring a selection of miscellaneous French items purchased from Paris

    Bags/Other Accessories CONCIERGE TEL 03-6256-0100 Concierge for fashion and miscellaneous goods
  • The Cat's Whiskers

    Women's Fashions/Bags/Jewelry/Other Accessories The Cat's Whiskers TEL 03-6206-3535 Many accessories that are delicate and bring good luck like a cat's whiskers

    Grocery/Liquor/Bags/Jewelry/Watches,Clocks/Interior/Interior Goods/Tableware/Books,Stationary/General Home Appliances,Computer-Related/CD,Musical Instruments,AV,etc/Flowers,Plant/Other Varieties THE CONRAN SHOP MARUNOUCHI TEL 03-5288-6600 A wide selection of various interior goods carefully selected by Terence Conran.

    Shoes SHOE CLOSET TEL 03-6206-3363 Stocking a wide variety of eye-catching imported shoes from all over the world

    Jewelry/Watches,Clocks STAR JEWELRY TEL 03-5220-2758 Star Jewelry presents stylish coordinates.
  • TAPIE STYLE art&accessory

    Women's Fashions/Bags/Jewelry/Other Accessories TAPIE STYLE art&accessory TEL 03-6206-3043 We show you how to make things that your life bountiful and fun
  • Terracuore

    Cosmetic Terracuore TEL 03-6551-2691 This scent opens the door to beauty

    Women's Fashions DIRECTOIRE TEL 03-6206-3381 New standard with emotion
  • Nolley's

    Women's Fashions/Shoes/Bags/Jewelry Nolley's TEL 03-3240-0070 Bringing you simple taste with a modern enhancement for contemporary styles.

    Shoes BARCLAY TEL 03-3240-0104 A company store from Kawano in Kobe made popular by word of mouth. Selling easy-to-wear, must-have shoes for businesswomen.
  • 1er Arrondissement

    Women's Fashions 1er Arrondissement TEL 03-6206-3200 Offering a wardrobe based on the image of a woman living in the 1st arrondissement of Paris

    Bags PORTER MARUNOUCHI TEL 03-5220-2555 The Porter flagship, built on the philosophy of "one stitch, all soul"
  • united arrows green label relaxing

    Men's Fashions/Women's Fashions/Shoes/Bags/Jewelry/Optical united arrows green label relaxing TEL 03-5220-7577 UNITED ARROWS green label relaxing has an array of goods for the career-oriented individual.
  • le.coeurblanc

    Women's Fashions le.coeurblanc TEL 03-3287-0088 French fashion brand that offers both comfort and style



    Bags ACE BAGS&LUGGAGE MARUNOUCHI TEL 03-6268-0061 Bags & luggage store carrying ACE Co., Ltd. brands: Find your new bag here
  • CLASSICS the Small Luxury Marunouchi store

    Other Fashions/Other Accessories CLASSICS the Small Luxury Marunouchi store TEL 03-6259-1571 ※9/19(WED) OPEN!
    A handkerchief shop delivering "secret, first-class luxury"
  • Grand Raffine Marunouchi Bldg.

    Beauty Clinic,Massage Parlors/Other Beauty & Relaxation Grand Raffine Marunouchi Bldg. TEL 03-6273-4581 Discover tranquility with aroma treatments that encourages circulation.

    Jewelry SIENA TEL 03-5844-6652 Jewelry of words show the way to your future self.
  • SLEEPY SLEEPY Marunouchi

    Grocery/Women's Fashions/Interior Goods/Other Beauty & Relaxation SLEEPY SLEEPY Marunouchi TEL 03-6206-3500 Joyful sleep leads to a joyful day. "Joy starts with the first third of your life"

    Optical M. TAKATA OPTICAL CO.,LTD TEL 03-3215-5221 Established in 1884, we are a trusted establishment offering eyewear crafted with reliable techniques for peace of mind.
  • TAYA

    Shop/Barbers,Hair Salons TAYA TEL 03-5220-3976 A hair salon that offers satisfaction through fantastic skills and service.
  • deluxee'm MAYSON GREY

    Women's Fashions/Other Fashions/Shoes/Bags/Jewelry/Other Accessories deluxee'm MAYSON GREY TEL 03-5220-7075 Recommending "Today's Basic" for the mature and sophisticated woman
  • NailQuick

    Shop/Nail Salons NailQuick TEL 03-5220-7020 Feel refreshed and free from work-related fatigue with our nail services.
  • BEAUTY GENE professional

    Other Beauty & Relaxation BEAUTY GENE professional TEL 03-5224-5440 A salon specializing in beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes that create a beauty that is distinctively you
  • Futaba Bookstore Marunouchi Bldg.

    Books,Stationary Futaba Bookstore Marunouchi Bldg. TEL 03-5224-5528 A bookstore full of stylish books and magazines

    Beauty Clinic,Massage Parlors/Other Beauty & Relaxation FOOTBALANCE MARUNOUCHITEN TEL 03-6551-2024 *9/13(THU) OPEN!
    A total footcare salon for health and beauty that starts at the feet
  • Plants Plants

    Interior Goods/Flowers,Plant Plants Plants TEL 03-5220-3777 A plant shop offering "companion plants" cared for like pets.

    Women's Fashions/Shoes/Bags WHITE THE SUIT COMPANY TEL 03-5220-9500 Suits are clothing to be worn freely. This is a suit brand for working women

    Bags/Jewelry/Other Accessories MOTHERHOUSE TEL 03-6206-3077 We offer our customers exciting encounters with new worlds through objects

    Cosmetic/Other Varieties/Other Beauty & Relaxation MARUNOUCHI LOFT TEL 03-3211-6210 A "mini loft" with all the charms of the Loft.

    Cosmetic/Other Beauty & Relaxation MARKS&WEB TEL 03-5220-5561 Daily products that make the most of materials for enjoyable living that suits your style.
  • Michal Negrin

    Women's Fashions/Jewelry/Other Accessories/Interior/Interior Goods/Books,Stationary Michal Negrin TEL 03-5220-7560 An Israeli brand with the theme of Love & Romance
  • Mediplus

    Cosmetic/Other Beauty & Relaxation Mediplus TEL 03-6551-2626 The first permanent installation of the all-in-one gel Mediplus
  • REN Marunouchi

    Bags/Other Accessories REN Marunouchi TEL 03-3284-3123 A brand of bags committed to lightweight, leather texture, and simple design
  • LOISIR d'or

    Women's Fashions/Shoes/Bags/Jewelry/Other Accessories LOISIR d'or TEL 03-5220-3391 *9/6(THU) Renewal open!
    A new concept shop from LOISIR centered around general goods