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  • Seven-Eleven Shin-Marunouchi Bldg.

    Grocery/Convenience Stores/ATM Corners/Other Financial Services/Ticket Service/Camera,DPE Seven-Eleven Shin-Marunouchi Bldg. TEL 03-3287-7776 7-Eleven--on every street corner around the world. Now open in the Shinmarunouchi Bldg.
    • Early morning
  • TWG Tea Marunouchi

    Grocery/Tableware TWG Tea Marunouchi TEL 03-3213-1837 TWGTea is a high-end tea salon selling premium tea leaves from around the world.
  • TAILOR MARUMO / aroma bouquet

    Men's Fashions/Other Accessories/Other Beauty & Relaxation TAILOR MARUMO / aroma bouquet TEL 03-3201-1006 [TAILOR MARUMO]TEL 03-3201-1016 [aroma bouquet] A tailor in business since 1922. Includes a corner selling aromatherapy oils.
  • SMBC Shin-Marunouchi Bldg.

    ATM Corners SMBC Shin-Marunouchi Bldg.
    • Early morning
    • Late-night
  • MUFG Bank, Ltd. Shin-Marunouchi Bldg.

    ATM Corners MUFG Bank, Ltd. Shin-Marunouchi Bldg. An ATM corner to help with business and shopping.
    • Early morning
    • Late-night


  • AbHeri Shin-Marunouchi Bldg.

    Jewelry AbHeri Shin-Marunouchi Bldg. TEL 03-6212-2288 Like opening a secret treasure box, our shop is filled with discovery and delight.

    Men's Fashions/Women's Fashions/Bags/Interior Goods/Tableware ARTS & SCIENCE TEL 03-5224-8651 Fashion and general goods selected for comfort and long-lasting appeal.
  • CA4LA

    Other Accessories CA4LA TEL 03-3201-7033 A high-end CA4LA shop featuring classic styling.
  • Kioku H.P.FRANCE

    Shoes/Bags/Jewelry/Other Accessories Kioku H.P.FRANCE TEL 03-3211-3370 Introducing pieces from European creators.
  • colette malouf

    Jewelry colette malouf TEL 03-3211-2585 A NY hair accessory brand loved by many celebrities.
  • Santa Maria Novella

    Other Beauty & Relaxation Santa Maria Novella TEL 03-3211-2811 The oldest pharmacy in the world established in Firenze 800 years ago.
  • dan genten Marunouchi

    Shoes/Bags/Other Accessories dan genten Marunouchi TEL 03-3211-2701 Enjoy "leather's expression" as it changes over time
  • DELFONICS Marunouchi

    Bags/Watches,Clocks/Books,Stationary DELFONICS Marunouchi TEL 03-3287-5135 Playful stationery adds color to the business scene.
  • Marimekko Marunouchi

    Women's Fashions/Children's Fashions/Bags/Jewelry/Interior/Interior Goods/Tableware/Books,Stationary Marimekko Marunouchi TEL 03-5224-3103 A lifestyle brand illustrating Finnish style.

    Men's Fashions/Women's Fashions/Shoes/Bags/Jewelry/Watches,Clocks/Optical/Other Accessories/Interior Goods UNITED ARROWS MARUNOUCHI TEL 03-5224-8051 Pursuing perceptive living through adult fashions.
  • les mille feuilles de liberte

    Interior Goods/Flowers,Plant les mille feuilles de liberte TEL 03-5208-8839 Offering the beauty of flowers and European household goods under the concept of "art for living."


  • ENCHAINEMENT UNI / Point de mignon

    Women's Fashions/Shoes/Bags/Jewelry/Watches,Clocks/Tableware/Cosmetic ENCHAINEMENT UNI / Point de mignon TEL 03-3211-0155 With high quality items in a comfortable space, we provide a lifestyle with a playful spirit
  • e.m.

    Jewelry e.m. TEL 03-5224-3711 Featuring new e.m. creations, including new jewelry lines and bridal jewelry.
  • evam eva Marunouchi

    Men's Fashions/Women's Fashions/Children's Fashions/Shoes/Bags/Jewelry evam eva Marunouchi TEL 03-6269-9985 Original clothing meticulously created by a knit manufacturer.
  • CARNET*study

    Shoes/Bags/Jewelry/Other Accessories CARNET*study TEL 03-3287-7118 Featuring an array of beautiful shoes from the designer group, Study.

    Women's Fashions/Shoes/Bags/Jewelry/Optical/Other Accessories GALERIE VIE TEL 03-5224-8677 Offering simple, basic items made from the finest materials.
  • decora TOKYO

    Optical decora TOKYO TEL 03-3211-3201 An eyewear specialty store offering styles from Europe and America that focus on conversation.

    Women's Fashions HABERDASHERY TEL 03-3211-1512 Simple and creative everyday wear for those who truly enjoy smart dressing.
  • HIROB / Le Talon

    Bags/Watches,Clocks/Other Accessories HIROB / Le Talon TEL 03-5224-8666 [HIROB]TEL 03-5224-8665 [Le Talon] A shop specializing in antique watches, bags, and accessories.
  • Felisi Marunouchi

    Men's Fashions/Women's Fashions/Other Fashions/Bags/Other Accessories Felisi Marunouchi TEL 03-5220-5253 A brand from Ferrara, Italy that sells bags and small leather items.
  • bulan timur

    Bags/Jewelry/Other Accessories bulan timur TEL 03-3211-1335 Casual, high quality for style-conscious women.
  • BRITISH MADE Marunouchi

    Men's Fashions/Women's Fashions/Shoes/Bags/Other Accessories BRITISH MADE Marunouchi TEL 03-5876-6520 Sharing a brand story born from British craftsmanship.

    Men's Fashions/Women's Fashions/Shoes/Bags/Jewelry/Other Accessories UNITED TOKYO TEL 03-6273-4944 Japanese-made brand specialized in styling for which you can tell its high-value once you touch it.


  • ICB

    Women's Fashions/Other Accessories ICB TEL 03-3287-7781 A brand for women viewed by themselves and society through a cosmopolitan perspective.
  • RMK Shin-Marunouchi Bldg.

    Cosmetic RMK Shin-Marunouchi Bldg. TEL 03-5755-3370 The largest RMK shop. Featuring private makeup rooms.
  • ISETAN MiRROR Make&Cosmetics

    Cosmetic ISETAN MiRROR Make&Cosmetics TEL 03-6256-0431 A luxury cosmetic boutique where you can find your favorite cosmetics
  • Aesop Shin Marunouchi

    Shop/Cosmetic Aesop Shin Marunouchi TEL 03-6269-9502 A botanical skincare brand for men and women alike.

    Grocery/Jewelry/Interior/Interior Goods/Tableware/Other Beauty & Relaxation H.P.DECO MARUNOUCHI TEL 03-3287-1227 A base for communicating a new culture from the Shinmarunouchi Bldg. in the heart of Marunouchi.
  • essence of ANAYI LUMIEA

    Women's Fashions essence of ANAYI LUMIEA TEL 03-5926-5471 Offering high-quality, beautiful clothing for women who appreciate elegance.
  • ete bijoux

    Jewelry/Watches,Clocks ete bijoux TEL 03-5221-6060 Launching jewelry that — while simple — has a refined and playful spirit
  • MCS Marunouchi Cosmetics Selection

    Cosmetic MCS Marunouchi Cosmetics Selection TEL 03-5220-1101 A cosmetics shop with an array of skincare and cosmetic products from major Japanese companies.
  • heliopole MARUNOUCHI

    Women's Fashions/Shoes/Bags/Jewelry heliopole MARUNOUCHI TEL 03-3287-1522 Original and imported clothing for women. Select your perfect style.
  • Odette e Odile MARUNOUCHI

    Shoes/Bags/Jewelry/Other Accessories Odette e Odile MARUNOUCHI TEL 03-5224-8016 A shoe closet for sophisticated women.
  • Of cosmetics Shin-Marunouchi Bldg.

    Cosmetic Of cosmetics Shin-Marunouchi Bldg. TEL 03-3216-8277 "For beauty 10 years from now." A natural cosmetics brand born in a salon
  • Koh Gen Do

    Cosmetic Koh Gen Do TEL 03-5224-4801 The search for simple beauty unaffected by trends began in the entertainment world and is now available to the contemporary woman.

    Jewelry COCOSHNIK TEL 03-5224-3122 Jewelry for women who enjoy wearing exquisite pieces every day.
  • SHISEIDO BEAUTY SALON Shin-Marunouchi Bldg.

    Barbers,Hair Salons SHISEIDO BEAUTY SALON Shin-Marunouchi Bldg. TEL 03-5224-5151 A space that concentrates the aesthetic techniques and sensibilities of Shiseido, a company that continually pursues beauty.
  • Spick and Span SHIN-MARUNOUCHI

    Women's Fashions/Shoes/Bags/Jewelry/Watches,Clocks/Other Accessories Spick and Span SHIN-MARUNOUCHI TEL 03-5224-8667 Offering Paris-inspired styles for work and play that exhibit a contemporary feel.
  • Theory

    Women's Fashions/Shoes/Bags Theory TEL 03-5220-7561 A new concept shop from Theory, celebrating its 10th year in business.

    Women's Fashions/Shoes/Bags/Jewelry/Optical TONAL TEL 03-6269-9663 To the working women having their own urban and sophisticated mind
  • Dr. Vranjes Marunouchi

    Interior Goods/Cosmetic Dr. Vranjes Marunouchi TEL 03-3201-5730 For a fragrant life created in Florence, Italy

    Cosmetic NEAL'S YARD REMEDIES TEL 03-3201-6288 Brand proposing a British lifestyle that supports beauty and health
  • Nail House AKIKO Shin-Marunouchi Bldg.

    Nail Salons Nail House AKIKO Shin-Marunouchi Bldg. TEL 03-3211-5353 A nail salon offering simultaneous treatments for hands and feet.

    Women's Fashions/Shoes/Bags/Jewelry/Optical/Other Accessories/Interior/Interior Goods/Tableware BARNYARDSTORM TEL 03-5222-0190 Offering everyday casual clothing for the attractive workingwoman
  • pas de calais

    Women's Fashions/Shoes/Bags pas de calais TEL 03-3201-5701 The joy to have a blissful relaxing time, and to make styling freely

    Women's Fashions/Shoes/Bags/Jewelry PAPILLONNER TEL 03-3287-3022 A selection of items from around the globe to satisfy those wishing to express their individuality.
  • Pal'las Palace

    Women's Fashions Pal'las Palace TEL 03-5224-3131 Pallas Palace treasures the beauty of Japan.

    Men's Fashions/Women's Fashions/Shoes/Bags/Jewelry BEAMS SHIN-MARUNOUCHI TEL 03-5288-7670 A shop for adults who actively enjoy "high-quality casual."
  • Blondoll

    Women's Fashions/Other Accessories Blondoll TEL 03-3287-1230 Trendy legwear that is refined and sophisticated.

    Women's Fashions/Shoes/Bags/Jewelry MACKINTOSH PHILOSOPHY TEL 03-3214-5015 A second line from the British outerwear brand, MACKINTOSH.

    Women's Fashions/Shoes/Bags/Jewelry/Watches,Clocks/Optical/Other Accessories MARGARET HOWELL MARUNOUCHI TEL 03-3287-0510 Offering styling for the natural, independent woman.
  • maison de soil MARUNOUCHI

    Men's Fashions/Women's Fashions/Shoes/Bags/Other Accessories maison de soil MARUNOUCHI TEL 03-3201-5606 Very picky about used materials, this shop proposes products in which you can feel the warmth of their maker.
  • MOLTON BROWN Shin-Marunouchi Bldg.

    Interior Goods/Cosmetic/Other Varieties/Other Beauty & Relaxation MOLTON BROWN Shin-Marunouchi Bldg. TEL 03-3287-7175 A brand made from natural ingredients that provides amenities for the British royal household.

    Cosmetic/Other Beauty & Relaxation LE KIYA EYESPECIALITE MARUNOUCHI TEL 03-5222-7644 A salon from Osaka catering to women wanting beautiful, captivating eyes.


  • Afternoon Tea LIVING

    Interior Goods/Tableware Afternoon Tea LIVING TEL 03-5918-6751 Household goods for individuals enjoy the items we use every day.

    Men's Fashions/Women's Fashions ANGLAIS TEL 03-6551-2568 A brand designing high quality shirts and adult casual apparel

    Men's Fashions/Women's Fashions/Shoes/Bags/Jewelry/Watches,Clocks/Optical/Other Accessories URBAN RESEARCH TOKYO TEL 03-5288-8581 Offering a refined, urban lifestyle.
  • iittala Marunouchi

    Interior Goods/Tableware iittala Marunouchi TEL 03-5220-9870 An extensive selection of not only tableware, but also birds and interior goods!
  • IDEA SEVENTH SENSE Shin-Marunouchi Bldg.

    Men's Fashions/Women's Fashions/Bags/Jewelry/Watches,Clocks/Interior/Interior Goods/Books,Stationary/CD,Musical Instruments,AV,etc/Other Varieties IDEA SEVENTH SENSE Shin-Marunouchi Bldg. TEL 03-3287-0071 Items gathered from Japan and abroad heighten the perception of design.
  • unico marunouchi

    Interior/Interior Goods/Tableware unico marunouchi TEL 03-5220-6440 Providing comfortable living environments through original furniture and select goods.
  • EDITO 365 Shin-Marunouchi Bldg.

    Bags/Interior Goods/Books,Stationary EDITO 365 Shin-Marunouchi Bldg. TEL 03-3211-5301 A stationery shop with items to add spice to every day of the year.
  • ACE Shoes

    Shoes ACE Shoes TEL 03-5224-8181 Shoe shop where you can make yourself shine to the maximum
  • Kamawanu

    Children's Fashions/Bags/Jewelry/Other Accessories/Interior Goods/Tableware/Other Varieties Kamawanu TEL 03-3211-5277 Offering a new twist on traditional products, including "tenugui" towels and Japanese arts & crafts.
  • Camper Shin-Marunouchi Bldg.

    Shoes/Bags Camper Shin-Marunouchi Bldg. TEL 03-5926-3751 Creative items overflowing with the Mediterranean spirit.

    Tableware GINZA NATSUNO TEL 03-3211-1184 Select from 2,000 different chopsticks that fit your lifestyle.
  • Queen Classico

    Shoes/Bags Queen Classico TEL 03-5224-8077 A full array of high-quality, Italian shoes selected for material and manufacturing methods.
  • J.LINDEBERG Shin-Marunouchi

    Men's Fashions/Other Fashions/Shoes/Other Accessories J.LINDEBERG Shin-Marunouchi TEL 03-5222-3540 Simple, modern men's fashions and golf wear based on western design.
  • giraffe Marunouchi

    Other Accessories giraffe Marunouchi TEL 03-5222-6009 giraffe aims to be the cutest necktie store in the world.

    Watches,Clocks SPINDLE TEL 03-3211-5117 Selling unique wristwatches, from antiques to the latest brands.
  • sot tokyo

    Men's Fashions/Women's Fashions/Shoes/Bags/Jewelry sot tokyo TEL 03-6269-9280 Offering items you'll come to cherish.
  • ZOY Premier

    Men's Fashions/Women's Fashions/Other Fashions/Shoes/Bags/Other Accessories ZOY Premier TEL 03-3201-1177 Intellectual and urban golfwear and casual apparel

    Bags/Other Accessories TSUCHIYA KABAN TEL 03-3212-6331 Timeless bags created by artisans. Genuine leather products you'll cherish.

    Interior Goods TENERITA TEL 03-6206-3174 Brand that continues to be particular about using genuine organic cotton

    Men's Fashions/Women's Fashions/Shoes/Bags DESCENTE BLANC MARUNOUCHI TEL 03-6206-3884 Proposing a comfortable daily life conceived by sport brands
  • Delier IDEE

    Bags/Jewelry/Interior/Interior Goods/Tableware/Books,Stationary/Other Varieties Delier IDEE TEL 03-5224-5571 The first gift store from IDEE offering a range of high-quality products rich in character.

    Men's Fashions/Other Fashions/Shoes/Bags DENHAM SHIN-MARUNOUCHI BLDG. STORE TEL 03-6551-2699 A premium denim brand from the Netherlands
  • Drastic The Baggage

    Bags/Other Accessories Drastic The Baggage TEL 03-5224-8270 A shop specializing in exquisite, stylish bags.

    Men's Fashions/Women's Fashions/Shoes/Bags/Jewelry BANANA REPUBLIC TEL 03-5288-5785 A wide variety of items that focus on a casual working style.
  • Bshop kitchen & garden

    Men's Fashions/Women's Fashions/Shoes/Bags/Interior Goods/Tableware/Books,Stationary Bshop kitchen & garden TEL 03-3287-3602 Offering household goods that communicate a tradition and story. Our shop also includes a popular variety store from London.

    Men's Fashions/Women's Fashions/Shoes/Bags/Other Accessories FRED PERRY TEL 03-5223-8511 A traditional British brand offering products for men and women, accessories, and shoes.

    Men's Fashions/Women's Fashions/Other Fashions/Shoes/Bags/Jewelry/Watches,Clocks/Optical/Other Accessories/Interior Goods/Tableware MUSEUM OF YOUR HISTORY TEL 03-3286-2877 What was left in your life so far, and the things that will remain from now on
  • Yu Nakagawa

    Women's Fashions/Children's Fashions/Bags/Jewelry/Other Accessories/Interior Goods/Tableware Yu Nakagawa TEL 03-3211-2012 A textile general merchandise brand based on the concept of "Japanese cloth."

    Men's Fashions/Women's Fashions/Other Fashions/Shoes/Bags/Other Accessories RUGBY PLUS CANTERBURY TEL 03-6256-0957 Canterbury's first concept shop, "RUGBY PLUS"
  • le coq sportif avant MARUNOUCHI

    Men's Fashions/Women's Fashions/Shoes/Bags/Other Accessories le coq sportif avant MARUNOUCHI TEL 03-6268-0321 Cycling lifestyle shop that colors everyday life
  • Les Toiles du Soleil

    Bags/Other Accessories/Interior/Interior Goods/Tableware Les Toiles du Soleil TEL 03-5224-8656 Textiles from Catalonia in southern France, and goods & bags made from those textiles.
  • Watashi no Heya Marunouchi

    Children's Fashions/Other Accessories/Interior/Interior Goods/Tableware/Books,Stationary Watashi no Heya Marunouchi TEL 03-3211-6131 Offering superior living through outstanding tools and goods for daily living.