Marunouchi Area Guide


NEWS ニュース

『東京・丸の内 江戸散歩』江戸城や江戸の街並みを360°パノラマビューで再現するアプリが登場!

New&Renewal open

The Marunouchi area is full of new and renovated or updated shops.Enjoy delicious gourmet food in the ever improving Marunouchi area.

Marunouchi Bldg.

Shin-Marunouchi Bldg.


Marunouchi Beaute

On the third floor of the Shin-Marunouchi building the ”Marunouchi Beaute” cosmetics zone has reopened to provide a high quality experience to men and women who understand quality when they see it.

Side Walk

Take a break from exploring or shopping and enjoy elegant food and cafes in the rened atmosphere of Marunouchi.

Japanese Resutaurant

Traditional Japanese cuisine. There are many restaurants where you can enjoy a taste of traditional Japan. Just relax and unwind.



Made in Japan

Choose more sophisticated souvenirs from the chic, fashionable shops in Marunouchi.


Places where you can bring the kids so the whole family can enjoy a meal together.


Marunouchi has a wide range of stylish and laid-back morning cafes to choose from! Whether before work or when rising early on vacation, how about stopping by at a cafe to start your day?

* Opening hours may vary for weekends and national holidays. Contact the store directly for details.


ENJOY Marunouchi Midnight

 Marunouchi is also wonderful at night. Many shops stay open until late, so why not try experiencing a different side of Marunouchi?

Places wiht a fantastic view of Tokyo station

Tokyo station has celebrated its 100th anniversary.These are the ideal spots for viewing the red brick station building, fully restored to its original state!

Marunouchi Art Sports

Between the sktyscrapers,there are art galleries and historical buildings and sculptures to be found.Enjoy taking in all of this art at your own pace!