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審査員コメント(一次審査を終えて)/Comments from Judges on Artwork Submitted to the Initial Screening

今村 有策
Yusaku Imamura
東京藝術大学大学院美術研究科 教授
Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School,
Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo


Review for this award, what makes it attractive lies upon the selection of a variety of talents. Out of all of them, there is always an opportunity to meet someone preeminent. Wishing that this award will be the advocate of the pursue.

木村 絵理子
Eriko Kimura
横浜美術館 主任学芸員
Curator, Yokohama Museum of Art


Just within a year, the environment that surrounds our lives changed. The place where showcasing and marvel around the art pieces reviewed each day. It feels that now the prevalence is the most sought for, such as the expressions that simultaneously stir people and give short stimulation. This award has been there for ten years, hoping that it will provide the opportunity to showcase the young talents and reflect the flow of the era at the same time.

後藤 繁雄
Shigeo Goto
京都芸術大学 教授
Editor, Creative Director,
Professor, Kyoto University of the Art


This year of AATM is unprecedented due to graduate showcase exhibits, and the review had to go through the COVID-19 turmoil. Although, one could sense the strong vitality of art by going around each university. There is internal evolution within confinement, and note the strong desire to have a border (race, discrimination) traversing relationship. This year reminded the societal importance of AATM.

小山 登美夫
Tomio Koyama
小山登美夫ギャラリー 代表
日本現代美術商協会 代表理事
Director, Tomio Koyama Gallery,
Representative Director,
Contemporary Art Dealers Association Nippon


What was it to ponder during this review is, their subject and method of expression are starting to be wide-ranging. Hopefully, it will correspond to the space of the Marunouchi gallery and expand to the streets, and each art piece born out of an individual will cause some small waves in everyday lives.

建畠 晢
Akira Tatehata
多摩美術大学 学長、埼玉県立近代美術館 館長
President, Tama Art University,
Director, The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama


Being living under the COVID-19 pandemic, each university successfully selected ambitious works for this award as in the past. It is interesting to point out the diversity of each artist is prominent, as if reflecting the period when the great movements that stir the art scene are not there.

野口 玲一
Reiichi Noguchi
三菱一号館美術館 学芸員
Curator, Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum, Tokyo


While there were a plethora of high-quality pieces, it feels that works of surprising concepts were scarce. Assumingly, their practices have been affected by the prolonged lifestyle of COVID-19 measurement. On that note, the impression you get in a portfolio differs from facing in reality. Expect to be betrayed in the gallery.

長谷川 新
Arata Hasegawa
Independent curator


The number of applications is higher than in the past, seemingly reflecting the artists asking for the "right to access" without conventional exhibitions. With that said, the number of works showing outside was scarce and required adjustment. Artists whose showing outside have their work cut out for them, the process of making, transport, storing, safety measures, provide all of them are too much work. It has been the premise long before the pandemic and seemed to need more support.

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