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Marunouchi Bldg.Floor Guide

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00Click the number on the map to display store information

  • Elevator
  • Escalator
  • Restroom
  • Accessible Restroom
  • Nursing Room
  • Powder Room
  • Information
  • Smoking Area
  • AED
  • Public Phone
  • ATM
  • Currency exchange machine
  • Coin Locker
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Recommended Spots


MARUCUBE is the face of Marunouchi Bldg. and Marunouchi Area. It is a large open atrium space with a sense of openness. It serves as the entrance to each floor, and at the same time functions as a plaza that is integrated with Marunouchi-Nakadori Ave. through its glass exterior. A new encounter with Marunouchi begins here.

02Outdoor Rest Space

An outdoor rest space decorated with colorful seasonal flowers. There are power outlets on the benches that anyone can use. Perfect for a short break or to enjoy take-out lunch. Why not relax surrounded by lush greenery in Marunouchi, the center of Tokyo?