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*Buildings marked in color link to their detail pages

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Please refrain from the following actions inside each building and on the building premises:

  • ●Smoking (*1)
  • ●Accompanying animals other than guide dogs, service dogs, and hearing dogs
  • ●Unauthorized photography and interviews for business purposes (*2)
  • ●Unauthorized distribution of items, solicitation, and sales
  • ●Eating and drinking outside designated areas in the building
  • ●Bringing in bicycles, motorcycles, and skateboards
  • ●Actions that cause inconvenience to other customers or damage the aesthetic of the building
  1. *1 Some dining establishments allow smoking. Note that the area around each building is designated as a non-smoking area on the street and an environmental beautification and purification model area, according to the "Ordinance for the Establishment of a Safe and Comfortable Living Environment in Chiyoda Ward."
  2. *2 If you wish to conduct photography or interviews, please consult with the Marunouchi PR Office

Marunouchi Area Map (PDF)

These are convenient for printing. A ground map that is convenient for walking around Marunouchi.
Accessible Information Map are available.

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